This Is Our Story

A family owned business since 1983

A Humble Start

Rodney Long  started in the timber business when he was in college working towards an accounting degree. During this season, he learned the tricks of the trade including how to cut, haul, and skid high grade lumber timber and logs. After graduating and getting married, Rodney, his wife Marlene, and his parents, Robert and Laura began R.W Long Lumber & Box Company in 1983.

As a family owned business, they put their talents and experience together to build it from the ground up. When they first started out, they had minimal equipment and supplies. And yet, with hard work and determination, the family saw the business grow and develop into a successful company that served the community and the needs of their clients.

In the process they developed patents for wooden boxes which gave a stronger advantage over other box and crate designs. 40 years later, these designs are still being used. 

Rodney lives by the statement: “If I can help people get what they need, then I’ll receive what I need.”

We will help you find the perfect solution to your needs.

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