You Can Save Money With Eazy Loop Boxes!

They are reusable, recyclable and collapsible.

What Are Eazy Loop Boxes?

Eazy Loop Boxes (patented) are wooden crates that are easily foldable (knocked down) and returnable for years of durability saving our environment. Simply lift and collapse for easy storage and handling while awaiting return shipping. They are eco-friendly and are specialized for your specific needs.


  • Made in the USA
  • Made to a standard 48x40 or a custom design
  • Designed to be environmental sound
  • Made from a renewable material source
  • Collapsible for easy indoor or outdoor storage
eazy loop box design


  • 100% reusable for years again and again
  • Easily repairable
  • Fully collapsible for easy storage and handling
  • Returnable
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally more sound than corrugated or plastic boxes
  • Stronger than most other designs

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do these Eazy Loop boxes come in?

Standard 48x40 but we also can help you with a customized size.

What industries can use these boxes?

Lot of industries can use this product. Just to name a few: produce, heavy manufacturing, metal, agricultural, automotive, food, etc. We can also do customizations for glue, ink, and other liquids.

How do these differ from other styles of boxes & crates?

Eazy Loop boxes can be compared to corrugated and plastic boxes.

Eazy loop Vs. Corrugated: 

Corrugated boxes are designed for a one way use and can’t be stored outside. As a result, they can’t take water or withstand outside weather. They also can’t be cleaned or sanitized. Eazy Loop Boxes on the other hand are more economic to repair and retain usability because they can be stored outside and easily sanitized for repeat use.

Eazy Loop Vs. Plastic:

Eazy Loop boxes come from a renewable material source rather than a one time oiled based plastic. Eazy Loop boxes are biodegradable versus plastic which pollutes the environment and harms nature.

Eazy Loop boxes are unique because they are built to be reusable and returnable. They can be stored in a flatten position for better space and can be even be stored outside. 

How will I save money with these boxes?

Eazy Loop boxes are more economical due to its durability and recyclability. By utilizing our leasing and rental agreements, it could reduce your cost to up to more than 50% (usually it becomes less than half the cost of corrugated boxes). The amount of money saved will depend on your project, quantity, and needs. Give us a call (513- 932-5124) can we would love to give you a quote!

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